Cycle Touring in Croatia, Zagreb to Dubrovnik
touring bike
May 2, 2005 I took off on a bicycle journey that lasted until June 23rd.  During this trip, I covered about 1,300 miles on bicycle.  Check out the movie clips by clicking on the different links to the left.  Please realize that the movie clips do not download instantaneously and may take a few minutes on some of your computers.  However,  they are well worth the wait. 
Below are links to video from my bike ride in Croatia.
First off, if you are planning on taking a vacation to Croatia or anywhere else in the former Yugoslavia, I highly recommend it.  For me it was a turning point in my life.  From others who have done the same, they would mostly agree.  Now to go one step further, if you are planning on heading to this part of the world and you like to ride the bicyle, definitely take it with you as well.  That is the number one best decision I have made so far in my life. 

Why bike ride in Croatia:

1.  Great roads (95% of the time roads were newly paved, maybe I was lucky but I doubt it)

2.  Many small towns all over, no need to worry about going hungry, or running out of water, just head another three km down the road til the next village.

3.  Super friendly people, the people were all telling me, "Take dont ask..."

4.  Great seafood by the coast, I started to eat Pasta Fruti de Mare twice a day as it was so tasty.

5.  All different types of climates, coastal, mountain, desert ish..., lake districts, windy mountian passes

6.  Reasonable prices, rooms in pensions and sobe which is a private room ran about 10-15 dollars per night, now that was three years ago now, but cant be too much more.

7.  Bigtime English speaking going on, nearly everywhere.

8.  Language is very easy to learn,,,,, that part is a joke.

9.  Friendly people

10.  Friendly police