biking in Argentina, Czech Republic and Croatia, and how to cook wahoo information. Bike Touring in Argentina and Croatia
Rafting in Argentina
  What is on this site?, links to the bike trip in Croatia, also some links to the bike trip in Argentina, which ended up being more of a little bike and lot of bus trip, but still fun.  Also, there are some random photos from the past few years of me with some friends, an ostrich picture taken in Cabo, next to that is a photo of some Irish guys I met up with in the youth hostel in Buenos Aires, the Limehouse Youth hostel.  Basically, the two big photos of the river rafting are from the mountains near Mendoza, Argentina.  That river was a full day even planned by the youth hostel there, and it was quite a good time.  The water looks brown, and it was, but it is real clean.  The brown is from the mountains in that area, there are no people living up there to polute the water.  Enjoy...

Lastly, if you really want to see some current photos, go ahead, has the current journey that is taking place in the Czech Republic, most in Prague.  Some pictures of biking, camping, eating, picking blueberries etc... and much more.  Below is a photo of czech republic near the polish border in the jesenecky mountain. 

Small Czech train, only one car, gas powered.
Snow everywhere in Eastern Czech Jan. 08
The bike, old Ritchey mountain bike, maybe 23 years old. Stole it from my dad.  Touring tires but nothing fancy, some bungee cords and that's about it. 
Map of Croatia
An awesome Cabo House Rental is waiting for anyone, at anytime.  The beach is just a few steps away.
Just a friendly FYI to anyone out there wondering about heading down to South America right now towards the end of '08.  If you are coming from the United States, its is a perfect time to bike in Argentina regarding the exchange rates.  When I was there two years ago, it was about 3.00 argentine pesos for 1 dollar.  Looking at the current exchange rates, it looks to be up to about 3.4 peso for one dollar.  So that means, get on down there and explore the nice place and good food, friendly folks, and hot weather they will be having right now.  I am not sure how things are going down there politically at the moment, last time I read some articles there was some crap talking about America... but that seems to be the case just about everywhere depending on what decade it is. Nothing to scare anyone off though.  In fact, if you look anything like me, they will think you are one of them, or an Italian or Spaniard, until they realize you can pretty much afford anything on the lunch menu since its so damn cheap.  If someone happens to venture into Vedia, Argentina, write me back how the town is doing.  I am super interested to know about how that place is.  It was one of my thrid or fourth towns I stayed in, and had a great time.  Found an excellent restaurant and hotel for cheap stays and great eats, and met some nice locals there too.  Ended up catching the bus from there to Mendoza as well. Click here to add text.
touring bike
Biking in Argentina, Croatia, and the Czech Republic over 3,000 km